Bali Shag Mellow Taste Virginia
Bali Shag MTV

Bali Shag Mellow Taste Virginia – 5 Pouch


Bali Shag – Mellow Taste Virginia 

Bali Shag is a traditional Dutch style tobacco blend. The blend is a mixture of dark burley tobacco and light virginia tobaccos. The tobacco is cut with a fine silk, or shag, which makes it easier to use for hand rolling. Bali Shag has different variants: Rounded Virginia, Rich Virginia, Mellow Taste Virginia, Halfzware, White Halfzware, and Nature.

RM 17.50 per pouch, minimum order 5 pouch.

*Price not including postage cost, tax for countries other than Malaysia, will be borne by customer in accordance to the country’s rules and regulations.


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Weight 350 g
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